Vishwas Lele

Programming / Soccer



Vishwas Lele serves as CTO at Applied Information Sciences, Inc. Mr Lele is responsible for assisting organizations in envisoning, designing and implementing enterprise solutions related cloud and mobility. Mr Lele brings close to 27 years of experience and thought leadership to his position, and has been with AIS for 22 years. A noted industry speaker and author, Mr. Lele serves as the Microsoft Regional Director for Washington D.C. and is currently an Azure MVP.


I have been fortunate to be a part of the fascinating Azure journey from the very beginning. Over the past 10 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many facets of Azure: programming, writing, working with customers, and presenting to thousands of developers around the world.

These experiences have helped me arrive at the notion of what I call cloud thinking. Cloud thinking is about a mindset that goes beyond moving an existing application to the cloud or building a new application that is born in the cloud. Cloud thinking is a solution-focused approach to building applications that maximizes the benefits that cloud has to offer. It starts with understanding the motivation and constraints in moving to the cloud. Next, it progresses to prototyping designed to select the right set of building blocks that the cloud platform has to offer that considers agility, cost, SLA, the roadmap of future capabilities, and of course, security and compliance. The final phase converts the prototype into a production application that is well-instrumented to collect data about its usage and overall health, thereby allowing it to be improved continuously.