Vincent Thavonekham

Vincent Thavonekham

Agility / Cloud



Hi, I’m Vincent. I’m a Microsoft Regional Director working for VISEO and living in Lyon, France.

I am a fan of technology, Cloud, Agility and innovation. I’m also interested in hiking/travelling, DIY, NPL and Montessori ! You can read my blog with a click on the button above.

As a living, I am helping companies transforming their businesses by using the Cloud from Executive level, down to the architecture/code.

I am expert on Azure (awarded MVP Azure), on DevOps and Agility. As such, I write articles, and often get invited to many conferences to share my insights and expertise, in France or abroad (UK, Switzerland).

I am the co-founder of the Azure User Group France (AZUG FR), and locally, I am on the board of the Microsoft User Group Lyon (MUG Lyon).

Don't ask me questions about these topics unless you have many hours in front of you !