Venkatarangan Thirumalai

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I am a white space leader, technology entrepreneur, living in Chennai. I am the founder & former CEO of Software Services firm by name "Vishwak Solutions" with offices in Chennai & Seattle. I am a former partner of LIFCO Books, a publishing firm founded in 1929.

I have been a Microsoft Regional Director from 1999 and a regular speaker in Microsoft conferences with two decades of Industry experience. I work regularly with CXOs to help them to demystify I.T. I am interested in movies and reading. A fan of photography and travelling. You can follow me on twitter @venkatarangan.

Talk to me about: Digital Transformation, Startup, Software Development & Microsoft Azure.


Years ago when I learned FoxBase in order to develop an inventory management system for my family-owned publishing house in South India. Existing staff were resistant to the change even though the PC could give inventory for all hundreds of titles accurately in near real-time. Something had to be done. I spent time in convincing and training the oldest stakeholder, a septuagenarian, and that was the game-changer.

Having grasped the impact software can have on businesses, I have continued to design software that helps its users and remains easy to use. Recently I challenged myself to design a mobile app that was so simple users would feel it’s simplicity. Named Simpligic, it’s a NEWS app that has nothing to be configured or selected. The App uses Prediction.IO Machine Learning running in Microsoft Azure to come up with a story that the user will want to read at that instant, nothing more. Simply launch the app, read the story that appears and you’re done. No fuss. In the future, I plan to dictate the requirement for a Business App to Microsoft Cortana, who will automatically design, build and deploy an app to cloud that will be available to all my users within minutes.