Todd Fine

Todd Fine

Azure Cloud / Data and AI / App Modernization



I am CEO and co-owner of Wintellect, LLC, a nationally recognized consulting and training firm dedicated to helping companies build better software, faster.

And truly, I love my job. Our entire focus is on helping developers learn to be the best that they can be, and helping customers build the best applications with the best technology. We've done that by building a company of technology rock stars who share that same passion and ethos.

Core technology areas at Wintellect are currently Modern Web development, .NET, cross-platform mobile with Xamarin and UWP, and Azure cloud. Right now we are working on major Azure adoption programs for data scientists across the globe.

I'm also the Microsoft Regional Director for Atlanta, and work extensively with Microsoft in various forums and capacities. As an RD, I work with CXO level executives on major software initiatives, for end customers as well as for Microsoft itself.

Prior to Wintellect, I worked as Managing Director at RDA Corporation; as Software Manager for the Naval Research Lab's Special Projects group of the Tactical Electronic Warfare division where I led the software design of radar receiver systems; and in experimental physics at the University of Maryland's Charged Particle Beam Lab, publishing over half a dozen scientific papers.

Outside of work? I've been an aviation enthusiast and pilot for almost 30 years, and enjoy flying different types of aircraft, including ultralights, helicopters, and hang gliders. Right now I'm building a full scale WW1 fighter airplane in my basement. My wife, who wanted that space for a media room, is not amused.

I have a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, a Master's Degree in Electrophysics, and an M.B.A with specialization in Strategic Planning and Entrepreneurship.

Talk to me about: Azure and Cloud computing, Machine Learning, DevOps, Software development, Web development, ASP.NET and AngularJS, Mobile development and Xamarin, and .NET.


As CEO of Wintellect, LLC, a national software consulting and training firm, I work every day toward helping companies "build better software, faster." My entire focus is on helping developers learn to be the best that they can be, and guiding customers in building the best applications with the best technology.

The recent changes (and the velocity of change) in Training and Application Development have been truly stunning. Training has moved swiftly to an online – and much more commoditized – service, presenting new challenges across the board in presentation, customer engagement, marketing, and sales. Then add to that a programming ecosystem that is more and more fragmented in terms of technology and tools. This is a market that seems to actively avoid the emergence of any dominant player or tool set, and competition is fierce. If a development tool becomes too dominant or pervasive, it is rejected as becoming too “prescriptive” or locking in the customer to a single vendor. If a training company tries to charge for content, free alternatives continually crop up to challenge that model.

Executing on these insights, we have augmented our on-site instructor-led Training services with a new online, low-cost service – WintellectNOW – which is available worldwide and has expanded our reach to tens of thousands of customers, all of whom now get more training, faster, at a lower cost.