Taylor Gibb

Design / Entrepreneurship



These days Taylor finds himself working in the Research and Development space of a large online gaming company. He is passionate about translating business problems into technical solutions and thrives when faced with a challenge. He is also a sought after public speaker and mentor, and has spoken at many international conferences.

Taylor is also the CEO of Developer Hut, a services company who works with the large financial institutions and startups around Africa.

He is a 4 time Microsoft MVP and the founder of an Augmented Reality startup based in South Africa.

When he is not working, you can find him dabbling in the worlds of Virtual and Augmented reality as well as tackling the world of Machine Learning one bit at a time.

Talk to me about: Cloud Computing, Software Engineering, Serverless Computing, Software Architecture, DevOps, Automation, C#, ASP.NET, Cloud Strategy, Business, Startups, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Unity, Continuous Integration, Azure