Stefan Denninger

Azure and Governance / Identity and mobile Security / Azure Stack



Hi, my name is Stefan Denninger. I work for ACP in Austria. As a company we work on implementing and running cloud workloads in a infastructure focused area. My focus is the transformation within organizations when cloud is entering enterprises. Implementing Compliance and Governance rules, also doing workshops for any phase of Cloud TRansformation.
In Austria I am founder of the Azure Stack community and co-organizer of several meetups, as a group of five we are organizing the ExpertsLive Austria Conference! In the last years, I focused on Hybrid Cloud Solutions, because these are the solutions which are most complex and variety is the maximum.

Serveral year ago i got the grade of a Master of business computer science, University of Vienna, Austria. Last year i moved to the wonderful Burgenland, where people want to come for vacation. I love to live there in the center of a wine maker area and having red wine while enjoying life ;)