Simon Sabin

Simon Sabin

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Hello, I’m Simon.

I'm a serial data guy that is determined to enable companies make the most of their data and to educate folks to enable them to help their companies do it.

Following on from a career in IT working across many industry sectors online retail, insurance, finance, motor sport, I founded with the view of enabling companies to further drive this goal.

I work with companies to help them:

Improve their development practices including implementation of devops, agile methodologies and continuous integration/delivery.

Understand and define a cloud data platform strategy.

Optimise their data platform, including performance, scalability, security and certification.

Education of people is at the heart of what I am about and what stands for. It is epitomised by SQLBits, which I founded in 2007. It's the largest SQL Server conference outside of Europe and many view as the best in the world, always maintaining a free element and ensuring education for everyone.

I am a Microsoft Regional Director and have been Microsoft MVP since 2005

I live in London, United Kingdom. I am a fan of food, tennis, and family. I’m also interested in innovation and gadgets.

You can visit my website with a click on the button above.