Sebastian Fyda

Sebastian Fyda

Cloud / Microservices / Architecture



I'm Sebastian Fyda - an Infrastructure Architect and IT consultant deeply dedicated to Open Source community. I've been in IT industry for over 15 years, but my adventure with Linux started almost 20 years ago. While I'm hands-on type of person, I enjoy influencing best practices, either Dev/Ops, Software Lifecycle or simply organizational area, to companies I do business with and watching how it helps them thrive.

On top of that, I'm a frequent speaker/trainer at local University, industry events and private company events around Poland and active member of Azure Advisors community.

Prior to my recognition as a Microsoft Regional Director, I actively engaged and converted to Azure  companies, that could benefit most from the transition and helped them navigate through the path leading to Cloud Operations and proper DevOps culture. Being viewed as trusted advisor by multiple CEO/CTOs and wining appreciation of developers and SysOps alike, allowed me to convert every single Bizspark+ benefit, that was granted on my behalf into a successful cloud deployment with either EA or Open Subscription.  As an RD I continue that journey with even greater possibilities than before.

Talk to me about: Cloud Computing,  Kubernetes, Machine Learning,  DevOps


As an IT Pro, I've have noticed, that many IT-related organization struggle with mostly the same problems, ranging from software lifecycle management, through performance, ending with security. This is most commonly visible at cloud-native startups, deep into usage of microservices, where "DevOps" is mistaken for a team or an engineer and good system design is bypassed with  bunch of Ansible modules being executed.

This is likely due to how easily organizations can deploy to the cloud and new things can be built so quickly. It’s important to make them aware, how to build robust development pipelines and secured cloud environment, easy not only to deploy but to maintain further on. I always try to provide some experience-based insight on how things can be improved or should be designed and really enjoy when my suggestions are put into work and prove themselves.