Rotem Rozmarin

Azure / DevOps / Innovation



For me, applying robust cloud solutions to solve challenging business problems is the name of the game. I'm a highly accomplished and proficient cloud solutions architect, presale expert, technical lead, and strategist. Although I've managed large operations, focusing on cloud solution architecture, applying presales expertise, and leading technical groups is what I do best.

For the last two decades, I've been focusing on leading technology projects to deliver solutions for a diverse set of challenges. My client list includes leaders of small gaming start-ups, executives of financial governance enterprises, and many in-between - building various solutions to transform commercial outcomes. I wear many tech hats in my career, and I know what it takes to get a company on board with making a large-scale IT shift and then steer them through that change for best commercial results.

I possess deep knowledge of and hands-on skills in: • Cloud Platform, SaaS, Managed Services • DevOps philosophies and tools • Containers, Kubernetes, IaC, Ci\CD • Application development architecture • Web Applications hosting, Serverless, APIs • Security and Networking

The value I bring to the table is:

  • I've got more than two decades of experience in leading tech projects.
  • I can speak many business languages – I speak change management, cost savings, optimization, developer, integration, automation, and mentor. Understanding these means fewer mistakes and less expenditure.
  • Who gets the credit doesn't matter to me. I'm the calm one who keeps people upbeat despite the challenges.

Many of my projects turned into best practice showcases for the successful use of Cloud Technology and Data Transformation.

I greatly enjoy working with people and being active in the tech community, and I always aim to produce project results that will help both companies and humans (technology helps humanity).

Ultimately, I believe that visualization and transparency should provide an organization with the reality and clarity they need to manage their clouds in a better way.

Talk to me about Cloud Computing, Sailing, and Physics.