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Reza Rad

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I'm Reza Rad, based in New Zealand. A Microsoft Regional Director and also a [Microsoft Most Valuable Professional] ( for Data Platform. I run my own consulting business named RADACAD. I am not a Microsoft employee, but my activities including writing books, speakring in many conferences, writing blogs, and many others counted for Microsoft to be kind to me and award me as the Most Valuable Professional since 2011. I have been a developer on Microsoft technologies for a while, and worked for many consulting businesses around the world as a consultant. In 2014 I founded RADACAD as a training and consulting business focusing on Data Analytics technologies of Microsoft. I publish videos regularly on RADACAD YouTube Channel.

I'm [an author of many books on Power BI, and SQL Server] ( I am also a trainer for many years in Microsoft BI technologies, focusing these years mainly o Power BI. I have authored Power BI course from Rookie to Rock Star, and train many people around the world with that course which is based on my experience in Power BI. I am an active blogger about Microsoft BI technologies as well as Power BI. You can read my blog posts every week in here.

I'm a featured speaker in many conferences around the world on the Data Analytics topics. I speak in Microsoft Ignite, PASS Summit, TechEd, TechDays, Microsoft Business Application Summit, and I run workshops in many countries around the world. Although I am based in Auckland, New Zealand and far from almost everywhere in the world, Flying for conferences never been a problem for me. I love to present what I am passionate about and explain my experience to others who seek that information. I am also Power BI All Star winner of PUG (Community for Power BI User Groups). This is an award that Dynamic Communities gave to me kindly for my activities in the Power BI community around the world.

If you ever want to hear me, or talk to me; either use my blog, or contact me via social media channels. I am an active LinkedIn blogger too, and you can connect to me via Twitter as well.

My mission in life is simple; Help others to make changes in the world. I write books, speak at conferences, train people, write blogs, publish videos, all for helping people to make a difference in the world, and that helps me to make a difference too.

Talk to me about: Power BI, Microsoft BI (SQL Server)


I grow from the community, I learned anything by reading books, reading blogs, watching videos, and self learning. I did all that because there were materials on the internet or other media shared by generous people. I want to do the same for others. I want to produce materials in all media channels for everyone to learn and grow in the technology.

I run conferences Difinity, User group events NZ BI User Group, write books, speak in conferences, write blogs. All of that to help the community. I believe in one sentense: Never Stop, Never Give up. If you have any questions and challenges in Microsoft Data Analytics technologies, feel free to reach me and talk to me. I love to hear from you. If you want to learn from me, read my books, blogs, watch my training courses and vidoes. If you want to follow this path, I can help you.