Rainer Stropek

Entrepreneurship / Fitness



Hi, my name is Rainer Stropek. I am co-founder and CEO of software architects serving this role since 2008. At software architects, we develop the award- winning SaaS solution "time cockpit". Additionally, we help our customers to make the move to Cloud Computing and SaaS. Previously, I founded and led two IT consulting firms doing development and consulting work on Microsoft's technology stack.

Beside my job at software architects, I do a lot of work in IT communities. I have written numerous books and articles on C#, web and database development, and Microsoft Azure. I regularly speak at conferences, workshops and trainings in Europe and the US. In 2010, I have become one of the first MVPs for the Microsoft Azure platform. In 2015, I also became a Microsoft Regional Director. Since 2015, I have been chairman of the Coding Club Linz where we organize community events and the local CoderDojo, a free programming club for kids.

I graduated the Higher Technical School Leonding (AT) for MIS with honors and hold a BSc (Hons) Computer Studies of the University of Derby (UK).

Talk to me about: Cloud Computing, SaaS, PaaS, DevOps, Azure, Software Architectures, Software Engineering, .NET, Angular, TypeScript, Web API, C#


DevOps, Microservices and Cloud Computing are gamechangers for enterprise software development. Working as a speaker, trainer and consultant, I have seen many programmers and architects struggling to fully adopt these new development paradigms, technologies and tools.

Together with the product marketing team of Microsoft Western Europe, I conceptualized a two-day “Practical DevOps Training” targeted at Microsoft partners and large customers. Its goal was to deepen the knowledge about DevOps. Attendees should learn about the processes and tools necessary for DevOps to succeed like continuous integration and delivery, automated testing, etc. We didn’t want to stop with theory. Many practical exercises with Microsoft Azure and the Visual Studio product family are a vital part of the workshop.

I have put together training materials consisting of slide decks, a consistent sample for both days and eight practical hands-on exercises. All material was published on GitHub so that as many people as possible can benefit from it. The Practical DevOps Training was delivered in 12 European locations in 8 different languages. We welcomed 300 attendees from 170 different Microsoft partners and enterprise customers. Because of its success, we will do a follow-up training focusing on mobile DevOps in 2016/17. The Practical DevOps Training gave attendees a head start for DevOps and Microsoft’s cloud technologies. The knowledge gained from these trainings enables them to reimagine their DevOps, leading to increased agility, better reliability, and faster time to market.