Prabhjot Bakshi

Entrepreneurship / Innovation



He is the founder director of Getwings Technologies Private Limited, He is also the General Manger at BSP IT & Communication and Owner of E-Consultacyfzc.

Since 2014, he has been extensively working with the country's top Accelerators & Incubators. He closely work with CEOs of start-ups in creating awareness & educating them on their Azure Journey starting from enrolling for Bizspark program. He has been instrumental in driving the Azure adoption in the start-up eco system. His "Azure for start-up" series of events & training sessions focused on non-Microsoft technology offerings on Azure platform has been extremely successful.

As a Microsoft certified Trainer Alumni with strong community connect, he has built a strong working relationship with Microsoft. He is imparting corporate technology training to a number of leading IT giants of India & regularly does consultancy assignment for them. In collaboration with a renowned Manipal University, he has pioneered and created India's first online certified program on "Cloud Computing from Azure" .

He has closely worked with Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd. to drive Cloud campus initiative by reaching out to 150+ Universities & Colleges spread across the country. This year one of his priority is to work with Universities/Colleges to set up "IoT with Cloud labs"- powered by Hadoop and work closely with the Civic Authorities in order to deliver real time solutions.

He regularly addresses at various conferences, seminars, meetups & Azure Vidyapeeth webinar series. He is proud recipient various and accolades ranging from 'Microsoft Azure Hero' for the year 2015, 'Microsoft Rock Star' for the year 2013, Winner of APP Hackathon at Mumbai City in 2013 to Winner of "APP for Asia-2013".

He serves as a Chairman and Trustee of newly formed "Association of IoT with Cloud". Since 2015 he has been recognized as [Microsoft Most Valuable Professional on Azure]( us/PublicProfile/5001371?fullName=Prabhjot%2520Singh%2520Bakshi) and this is his first year as a Microsoft Regional Director.

Talk to me about: IoT, Azure, Mobile development and Big data


IoT and Cloud are empowering digital transformation. They are the future of global technological innovation across all industries and we must prepare the future workforce to ride this next wave of innovation. My company, Getwings Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is doing just that by establishing IoT with Cloud labs at engineering colleges and universities across India. These research labs allow students to learn, design, develop and test their own prototypes.

In order to introduce more people to the ecosystem, we started the Association of IoT with Cloud (AIWC), a non-profit designed to provide the resources and platform to create a center of community activity. The goal is to connect people to emerging technologies like the Internet of Things, Cloud, Big data, Outernet, Bot and Cognitive Services through international, national, regional and chapter events such as conferences, exhibitions, seminars, symposia, workshops, and technical talks. With this initiative, we aim to equip young professionals to contribute to the city civic authority and small & medium- sized industries.

One story I’m particularly proud of comes from the Faculty of Engineering Technology & Research College, Surat AIWC Chapter. Raskha Shakti University, Ahmedabad and Surat City Municipal Corporation joined forces to implement a smart parking project system in real time. The project will streamline the city’s parking situation, ultimately saving valuable time and easing the common parking headache.