Patrick Hynds

Entrepreneurship / Martial Arts



I am a Microsoft Regional Director and Software Developer specializing in security from Boston. My interests center around security, technology and entrepreneurship. I have founded more than one software company and currently am deeply immersed in consulting and products related to enterprise security, penetration testing and storage.

I graduated from West Point in 1988 and served as an Infantry officer in the First Gulf War where I was awarded the Bronze Star. I endeavor everyday to take the seriousness and efficiency from this part of my life into everything I touch today while still maintaining a sense of humor and flexibility that allows the job to get done in spite of the fog of war we all battle.

I am a seasoned presenter and have presented all over the world at conferences and in board rooms in places such as Hong Kong, Melbourne, Munich, Cairo and New York. I regularly provide consulting services for some of the largest organizations in the world across the public and private sectors.

Talk to me about: Security, Azure, Databases, Web Development, C#, Docker, Pen Testing and more Security.