Oren Novotny

.NET / Azure / Application Security



I am Chief Architect, DevOps & Modern Software at Insight. I am also on the .NET Foundation board as its Community Director and am responsible for its code signing services. I have been a Microsoft MVP for Windows Development since 2014, a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies since 2016, and a Xamarin MVP since 2016. My prior experience ranges from building identity solutions for global organizations, developing real-time trading systems dealing with massive amounts of data, to UX around the complex data models of equity derivatives, and handling the regulatory needs of Medicaid claims processing.

I am passionate about reducing friction in the development process and creating modern software solutions to solve complex business challenges. I believe that technology is meaningless in a vacuum, and I strive to show how the bleeding-edge delivers superior value to our clients’ bottom line to unlock new business opportunities.

I always seek to enable others to be successful. In the community that translates to creating libraries, publishing blog articles, and doing anything else necessary, to simplify complex problems and let developers focus on their end goal.