Michael Kaufmann

DevOps / .NET / Azure



As the Director for Agile IT – DevOps & Innovation at Devoteam Alegri, my Teams and I develop custom solutions based on Microsoft Technologies for customers like Daimler, Carl Zeiss, Bayer, Hugo Boss and many more. We focus on high quality standards, DevOps practices, software craftsmanship and flexible cloud architectures. I’m a Microsoft MVP for ALM and DevOps ever since 2015 and I love to help my customers succeed in their enterprise transformation – to agility, the cloud and new ways of working. I can build bridges between Management and Engineering and I can coach teams and agile leaders. I love the community and I believe, that technical communities are an important part in the modern work life. I’m one of the organizers of Azure Meetup Stuttgart and I regularly speak and sponsor other Meetups – all over Germany. My passion is sharing knowledge through public speaking, writing and mentoring. I’m a regular speaker at international conferences and I speak in English, German and Spanish. I’ve published several articles and I regularly blog at writeabout.net. Talk to me about DevOps, Cloud Computing, Azure, AWS, .NET, Clean Code, Scrum and Kanban