Martina Grom

Martina Grom

Azure / cloud computing



I am a Principal at atwork currently living in Vienna, Austria. My interests range from technology to travel. I am also interested in science fiction, writing, and innovation.

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I am recognized as an expert in Microsoft Online Services solutions and was one of the first eight MVPs worldwide to receive an award in 2011 for my expertise in Office 365. Since 2015, I am also a Regional Director for Microsoft. My expertise is related to online technologies, and my specialty is in Microsoft Online Services and Office 365. I help architecture planning companies with cloud solutions, and provide strategy, consulting and architectural planning of cloud projects. In addition, I am one of the organizational heads of cloudusergroup for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I have authored numerous books, articles and blogs.

My passion is online and social media, cloud computing, and Office 365.

I have a Master’s of International Business Administration from the University of Vienna, Austria.

Talk to me about: Cloud Computing, Cloud Architecture & Strategy, Change Management, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Enterprise Social.


My passion for IT started during high school in the 1990s. To finance university I worked as an early software trainer, teaching other students and Enterprises how to use new technologies. I was often asked why – as a woman – was I interested in computers? But for me it’s not about gender – it’s about passion. Knowledge grows through sharing and my passion is to share and help the community better understand technology.

In 2008, I turned my focus towards cloud computing. It is amazing what benefits and capabilities this technology delivers to organizations and customers. Starting with Office 365 as my focus, I first learned how a product and a market grows, evolves and influences everyone. Office 365 was a starting point for me and let me look into Azure Identities, security and SaaS as well, I see capabilities for organizations like they were never before. Each day we see new possibilities through cloud computing as well as new challenges we need to face. To be an early adopter my focus today is to help customers in this digital change in their mindsets.

On the other hand, I saw how much change technology can bring into enterprises. The digital transformation, as we speak about today, is something which brings disruption and change into every industry. To be constructive and confident about how helpful technology is we focus change in the way we work as well as in our communication.

With our own product, Delegate365, our company developed an add-on for Office 365 which closes a gap in bringing delegation and license management capabilities to large customers who use Office 365 in a single tenant scenario.