Martin Abbott

IoT / Integration / Data Engineering



Hi, I’m Martin and I work as a Technology Strategist for Insight Enterprises in Australia, a role that sees me working in the Office of the CTO on R&D, IP generation and business and sales enablement. In the role I get to engage at every level with the business, from the C-Suite for strategic planning and change, to the IT department for delivery and governance.

I run a number of user groups in my home town of Perth, Western Australia as well as being one of the team that brings Global Azure Bootcamp to life each year. I have been a strong community advocate for many years and have a great working relationship with many groups and our local Microsoft office.

My background is very much integration, but more recently I have become heavily involved in the Internet of Things, with projects ranging from hardware in a number of languages, all the way to intelligent action through big data analysis and process automation.

I can often be found presenting either locally or at conferences such as NDC, Ignite and others. I enjoy the thrill of presenting, love crafting stories and providing a bit of a laugh whilst delivering. In addition to presenting, I am often asked to deliver workshops and lectures on IoT as a technology, and I mentor a number of students from local universities and within my organization.

Outside work, I am a single parent with three great boys, love exercise, love technology and love getting involved in anything I can, I’ve got to put my energy to good use somehow!