Markus Egger

Markus Egger

Entrepreneurship / Programming



I am the President and Chief Software Architect of EPS Software Corp. and it's various brands, such as CODE Consulting, CODE Staffing, CODE Training, CODE Framework and VFPConversion. I am also the Publisher of CODE Magazine. I am a Microsoft RD (Regional Director) and one of the longest-serving MVPs (1995-present). In addition, I am the founder of other business ventures, such as Wikinome (Genetic Sequencing Analysis), Tower48 (digital software escrow), L2 International Real Estate, and more.

I have worked on a large number of software projects for some of the world's largest companies (including a number of Fortune 500 companies). I have worked as a contractor to the Microsoft Visual Studio team, and have worked closely with various product groups at Microsoft. Besides my activities around CODE Magazine, I have been published extensively in practically all large industry publications (mainly in English, but on occasion in German as well). I have received various and numerous awards and recognitions, many related to my active involvement in the community and my regular appearances at events of all sizes. I have also been involved in the creation and continued support of various user groups.

My current key areas of technological interest are a mixture of Windows and Web Development (using mostly Microsoft technologies, such as WPF and ASP.NET), as well as server-side technologies, especially Microsoft's Azure cloud.

In my spare time, I am an enthusiastic ice hockey player, golfer as well as an avid windsurfer, traveler, and general enthusiast of sports such as scuba diving or mountain biking. On rainy days I either read, enjoy a computer game, or research new technologies.

Talk to me about: Windows Apps (WPF and others), ASP.NET, HTML5 (including Angular), C#, JavaScript, Cloud, Azure, Services/Microservices, databases, CODE Magazine, genetics, software escrow, and many other topics.


I’m the owner of a consulting, custom software, and training company focused on Microsoft technologies, the publisher of CODE Magazine, and the founder of various technology startups. Our customers span a wide range of industries and needs.

One of our subsidiaries uses Big Data and the Microsoft Cloud to push the limits of Genetic Sequence Analysis for commercial and academic scenarios. This allows us to unite the science community and enable them to analyze DNA at a scale previously unthinkable in a world where, up until recently, all research was done in independent projects with small-scale computing power. Using Windows, Web, and Mobile technologies, we enable our customers to access the power of the Cloud anywhere and anytime. We use similar tools for real- time analysis for Oil & Gas Exploration, health-care, financial services, and others.

The latest lineup of Microsoft Technologies, and especially Azure, .NET Core, Visual Studio 2017, various data technologies, mobile (Xamarin), and HTML5, represent incredible opportunity, but also require know-how and experience. I am excited to help developers and decision makers steer their projects in the successful directions with significant impact for years to come.