Lillian Pierson

Results-Driven Data Strategy / Big Data / Tech Entrepreneurship



Professional Expertise I offer big data strategy services through my big data consulting and advising business, Data-Mania. These strategy services involve: (1) use case(s) selection (2) a preliminary evaluation of the client’s organization with respect to technologies, skill sets, and data resources (3) technology solution evaluations (4) recommendations & strategic planning. Throughout the course of this process, I evaluate many competing technologies.

In terms of Microsoft technologies the most relevant suite of products include the Microsoft Azure suite, Azure IoT, and PowerBI. Of course I also evaluate and recommend non-Microsoft products as well. More specifically, I’ve evaluated and recommended data-informed marketing products by Adobe Marketing Cloud.

I have absolutely recommended the Microsoft Azure suite to my past clients. My largest strategy client was National Geographic. I provided them a comprehensive data strategy based on two use cases and designed for implementation across their entire organization.

I authored several data science courses for LinkedIn Learning, as well as 3 books on big data for Wiley publishers (the most notable of which is Data Science for Dummies).

Leadership Experience There are a few ways I provide leadership in business. Of course I provide direct leadership and mentoring to my business coaching clients in my coaching business, Catapult Coaching. But, I also have to practice strong leadership with my internal team. Since I am an entrepreneur with 3 online businesses to manage, and 4 regular team members, along with 4 on-call team members - I am continually being pushed to lead them in more effective ways, so that we can create a greater impact with the resources we’ve currently got.

Another way that I lead people is that I lead members of my online community, directing them on ways to get educated and then use that education to transform their workplaces by deploying the power of big data and AI.

Speaking Experience I also enjoy sharing my expertise and stories at events where thousands of people can benefits at one time. More specifically, it was so satisfying to be a speaker at the World Cities Expo Istanbul. They had translators on-site to ensure that the audience could receive, and l be inspired by, my stories of how exactly big data innovation is being used to create more efficient, sustainable cities across the world. Other times, I hold week long big data strategy seminars for small groups, and that’s equally satisfying because we are able to dig into the details of attendees’ organizations together, and start working to get them a solid big data strategy in place to support them. The most gratifying strategy workshop I held was in Dubai, for the c-suite of Pride Microfinance, a micro-lending institution in Uganda. They were able to come away from those 5 days and begin taking that knowledge to make significant improvements in their micro-lending institution (something upon which people really depend in the Uganda economy).