Khaled Chebat

Education / Innovation



CTO of Dataflow International Group, part-time lecturer at the Université Saint Joseph School of Engineering, and a Microsoft Corporate Regional Director, I am based in Beirut, Lebanon.

I have been deeply involved in technology for the past 20 years, witnessing first hand how innovation has transformed it from an auxiliary complementary accessory into an essential constituent of our daily lives.

Kicking off my professional life as a Training Manager at New Horizons CLC, where I was responsible for the implementation of professional certification programs, I enjoyed helping professionals learn and acquire the necessary skills to maximize their benefit from technology and was selected Microsoft Trainer of the Year in 2000.

With my insatiable appetite for learning and acquiring knowledge, I have seen my career sail through all corners of the technology world working on Infrastructure Solutions, Software Engineering, Information Security, and Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Born in a multi-cultural society - and at the heart of a turbulent area of the world, I was raised to not only accept diversity but to value it and appreciate its potential in bolstering and expanding socio-economic development.

As odd as it may seem, this has led me to observe that the same diversity fundamentals I encounter in my daily and social life do apply in technology and our use of it. This has shaped my consulting services as I focused on helping businesses better understand and manage innovation and how the choreography of various elements of technology can help enhance and empower their environment, and this across various proprietary or open source solutions from leading companies and institutions such as Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, IMP³rove, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAS, among others.

Still my main passion remains in Education. After more than 15 years actively consulting Public and Private institutions on digital learning and