Jourdan Templeton

AI / IoT / Governance



Jourdan is the CTO at Aware Group - a leading technology company focusing on AI, BI and IoT, headquartered in New Zealand with teams in Singapore and USA.

He has a keen interest in the combination of AI and IoT, having specialised in the architecture of these solutions for over 10 years. With the pace at which technology is developing, Jourdan believes there is a strong need for governance and ethics in how data and technology are used. Jourdan has experience designing these frameworks within central and local government settings, as well as in the commercial sector.

Through his efforts, Jourdan has been recognised with a number of prestigious awards and appointments including Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (2016-2018), and more recently awarded a place in the Microsoft Regional Director program in 2019. His passion for technology sees him speaking at conferences, hacks and other events around the world. Community involvement is also a priority for Jourdan.

Outside of technology, Jourdan enjoys archery and snowboarding - just not at the same time.