Huan LI (李卓桓)

Conversational AI / Azure Bot Service / TypeScript



Huan is an Angel Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Open Source Evangelist with more than 20 years of Software Development experience, currently focuses on helping startups to use the State-Of-The-Art Machine Learning Algorithms to solve the Real-world Problem.

He was a Chief Scientist who leads technology team at (NYSE:YOKU) and also had founded two company (2001, Linux Solutions for Enterprise) and (2007, MicroBlogging in China). Huan studied at Tsinghua University and got EMBA master degree from CEIBS, currently, he is focusing on the latest research in artificial intelligence.

He is also a published author (Linux Network Programming, 2001; Email Anti-Spamming, 2006; Intelligence Q/A with Deep Learning, 2018), Microsoft AI MVP and mentors startups for Entrepreneurship a lot.

Huan loves to share his knowledge of Machine Learning with others and maintains many Open Source Projects on GitHub, one is a FaceNet Node implementation based on TensorFlow and another is a ChatBot SDK Wechaty for helping people make AI ChatBots on top of Wechat Personal Account.

In his spare time, Huan plays paragliding, dance salsa and enjoy coding.