Hervé Thibault

Hervé Thibault

Education / Enterprise Mobility



Hello, I’m Hervé. I’m a consultant working in Paris (France), specialized on digital environnements & entreprise mobility.

I am a fan of Microsoft for 20 years, leading the french System Center User Group during 8 years, and involved on Microsoft events (TechDays, ITCamp, TechNet, ...) & presales (Pseller) to promote technologies such as Windows 10, Enterprise Mobility Suite/intune, Office 365, System Center & Azure.

MVP (Most Valuable Professional) on SMS/System Center Configuration Manager from 2008 to 2014, I have the great honour to be a Microsoft Regional Director (IT Pro) since 2015.


A company that offers higher education in luxury hotels and restaurants needed help deploying a complete and operational environment for over 100 first-time students within a short timeframe. They required Windows tablets in BYOD mode, a secured identity & access solution with AD on-premises remotely managed (VPN) by a service provider and GPOs for managing devices, and a billing solution suitable for a tight budget.

I proposed using innovative Surface Pro 4 devices with a business store to highlight applications for BYOD usage. Regarding infrastructure, the best solution for the customer was “full cloud" based on EMS: Azure AD Premium to avoid any AD infrastructure on premise & VPN, AAD Device integration for single sign-on & automatic MDM enrollment, self-service portal for resetting students passwords & MFA for admins, and Microsoft Intune for device management.

The final solution exceeded expectations by delivering 100% functional coverage, a digital environment considered “sexy as iOS” by students, and predictable costs (single payment package per user/month & no initial investment) in only 2 weeks’ time.

Personally, I enjoyed providing a “real life” application of the Microsoft cloud’s ability to provide all services expected in an Information System with a simple, affordable funding model.