Grzegorz Rycaj

Design / Education



I am a highly motivated professional, passionate about getting more productive every day and about letting people improve their efficiency. Seriously, that's something, that I can't stop thinking about.

I am currently holding the position of CTO / R&D Director at Billennium, one of the fastest growing tech companies in CEE, according to Deloitte Fast 50 Ranking. My expertise and community dedication has resulted in recognizing me since 2011 as the only Polish Microsoft MVP on Visual Studio and Development Technologies and Microsoft Regional Director since 2016.

As a Team Lead I am currently developing and deploying business software mainly based on Paperless platform. What I care about the most is constantly looking for embracing disruptive, innovative technology.

Several years ago our company established a partnership with Microsoft, managing and implementing many successful projects, including cloud transformations.

I repeatedly appear as a speaker on the regional and international conferences focused on the latest technologies, including Microsoft Technology Summit, Days of Computer Science editions, as well as at the meetings of professional user groups and business oriented conferences. I also act as a leader of Warsaw Official .Net User Group, the offline community for Microsoft related technology enthusiasts.

I have participated in the Ask The Expert on several conferences holding the role of the Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management specialist. I also had a pleasure to work with Microsoft on authoring a couple of articles on MSDN portal.

Outside of work I mainly spend time with my recently extended family (rookie in a father role) including 2 great dogs, that can eat everything they find in our appartment. We travel quite a lot, always happy to visit new places. Recently our travels are joined with my triathlon events, that I really enjoy attending!

Talk to me about:
- Software Development
- SaaS (Software as a Service)
- Cloud Computing
- DevOps
- Continuous delivery


My company and I have been working with Microsoft to deliver fresh, top-notch technologies to our customers. In 2016 we jumped at the opportunity to create the first country-wide solution in the Polish public sector, especially considering we had prior experience migrating one of the products for Insead University from AWS to Azure cloud.

The customer's need itself was an ideal scenario to be deployed in the cloud. Standard Audit Files (SAF) were uploaded throughout the month, but we noticed there were 2 days of significantly heavy traffic. In fact, 99% of files were uploaded within this short timeframe.

My team and I spent several intensive weeks designing and implementing a SAF solution which fully utilized the Azure stack, including App Service Environment, Service Bus – Queue, Storage Account – Blob, WebJobs, Application Insights, and Redis Cache. We ran the process based on agile practices and an ALM engine provided by Visual Studio Team Services underneath.

I was extremely –pleased with the result. All major Polish companies can now submit their data without delay and the platform itself is designed to scale to serve next levels of traffic load. We have proved that there are great opportunities in which using a cloud approach can have a huge impact and I can’t wait for our next opportunity to contribute to our digital world.