Dr. Greg Low

Dr. Greg Low

Big Data / AI / Entrepreneurship



I’m one of the better-known database consultants in the world. In addition to deep technical skills, I have experience with business and project management and am known for my pragmatic approach to solving issues. My skill levels at dealing with complex situations and my intricate knowledge of the industry have seen me cut through difficult problems and situations in both large tier-1 and small organisations.

I lead a boutique consultancy firm called SQL Down Under.

Microsoft has specifically recognized my capabilities and appointed me to the Regional Director program. They describe it as consisting of “150 of the world's top technology visionaries chosen specifically for their proven cross- platform expertise, community leadership, and commitment to business results”.

Regarding SQL Server, I’m a long-term Data Platform MVP and considered one of the foremost consultants in the world on that platform. Microsoft calls on me regularly to train and mentor their own premier field engineers, senior consultants, internal IT staff, and SQL Server product team members at worldwide locations. I’ve provided architectural guidance for some of the largest SQL Server implementations in the world and helped them to resolve complex issues. I was one of the two people first appointed as SQL Server Masters worldwide.

For several years, I served on the global board for the Professional Association of SQL Server. I’m particularly proud of having helped it triple the size of its community, and more importantly to me, took it from being 90% USA based, to being a truly global community with 60% of chapters outside the USA.

I’m considered a talented trainer and presenter, known for my ability to explain complex concepts with great clarity to people of all skill levels. I regularly present at top level tier-1 conferences around the world. My SQL Down Under podcast has a regular audience of over 40,000 listeners.

Outside of work, my current main passion apart from my family is learning Mandarin Chinese. I'm determined to learn to read, write, speak, and understand it clearly.


I work with a variety of clients from small start-ups to large utility companies and military groups to financial services industries. The latter deals with such large volumes of transactions, they inevitably struggle with large SQL Server databases that are becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to manage.

Even though I predominantly work with data, I have a development background. This allows me to effectively work with teams of developers to achieve significant outcomes. I can help to bridge the divide between developers and database management teams.

I helped a software house that writes applications for large retirement funds worldwide, to greatly improve how their applications interact with their databases. Without this work, the software house's clients would have needed to provide infrastructure orders of magnitude larger (and many orders of magnitude more expensive) to run the same applications.