Gill Cleeren

Cloud computing / Mobile / Entrepreneurship



Hi, I’m Gill Cleeren and I work at CTO at Xpirit in Belgium. In this role, I try to bring the best technical solution to our customers, both in Belgium and abroad. I focus on creating the architecture and designing software solutions, going from smaller on-premise solutions to larger, cloud(-native) architectures. As coding architect, I enjoy coaching the teams I’m part of and one of my never-ending passions remains mobile development. Recognized by Microsoft as MVP and RD, I have been travelling the world for the last decade to speak at customers, user groups and conferences. Working for and engaging with the community has been a passion for close to 15 years. I started the local .NET user group which has been around since 2006. After running a local conference, I founded Techorama in Belgium and the Netherlands, two Microsoft-oriented conferences reaching over 3000 attendees per year. Training and coaching have always played a central role in my career as well. As trainer, I teach mostly .NET Core and Azure classes. Since 2012, I have been active as Pluralsight author as well, creating over 30 courses so far.