Gabriel Cor

Coffee / Entrepreneurship



Accomplished, congenial and driven software industry executive and leader.

With more than 20- year of success as an entrepreneur, my passion for bringing technology solutions that enable my customer success is what keep me on my relentless search for excellence.

On my day to day job I help enterprise clients and businesses of all sizes accelerate their journey to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

I am a recognized technology thought leader in South America, as well as a regular lecturer and keynote speaker on cloud adoption, cloud architecture, and enterprise integration.

As a Microsoft Regional Director, I help C-Level executives and company leaders understand the Business Value of using Microsoft technologies and services.

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My enterprise customers no longer see the cloud as an afterthought. Digital transformation is here to stay and every CEO I meet is talking about cloud, social, mobile and big data. IT departments no longer have the budget or the ability to drive innovation inside the companies.

Moreover, digital transformation and innovation need to happen fast. Corporations that used to think in multi-year projects are striving to make impactful changes in months and weeks. As a cross-platform architect I help companies navigate the rapidly changing tech-space and embrace digital transformation. I accelerate adoption of the technologies that assist companies in their journey to the hybrid cloud, making them more agile for rapid innovation and secure in compliance with enterprise needs.

For example, one of our customers in the finance industry reduced operational costs for development and testing by 50% in just two months with Linux/Java. We also helped the biggest juice company in South America connect their plants with an IoT dashboard in under two weeks. Finally, we enabled 21 streaming events for a customer, resulting in more than 15 million minutes viewed with a reduced operational cost of 30% - all using the power of the Microsoft Cloud.

The Microsoft Regional Director Program, gives me the incredible opportunity to connect with Microsoft engineering and executives. In turn, I bring my customers the appropriate guidance and vision regarding Microsoft Cloud as the best option for their business.