Daron Yondem

Serverless / IoT / AI



Hi, I’m Daron. I'm helping organizations getting most out of their cloud investments. Reach out if interested!

I blog on http://daron.blog, tweet, take photos, lead Teknolot and love software.

I speak in international conferences and write books during holidays :)

Microsoft calls me Most Valuable Professional for 12 years now, and "Microsoft Regional Director" for 11. During these years my expertise spanned around both client and server technologies.

Hope to get in touch and see what we can accomplish together. Feel free to talk to me about: Serverless, AI, CosmosDB, IoT, DevOps, Azure.

Stay in the flow ;)


Cloud is not a magic marketing word, or the next technology leap that companies should adopt just for future-proofing and appearances. Migrating to cloud is a tough decision that has its challenges, but also its rewards. Cloud makes it possible for businesses to reach global scale faster and make global operations of online businesses more approachable.

I fully understand the ups and down of various decisions around on-premise, private, public and hybrid cloud investments. At Xomni, we help retailers move their in-store experiences to the cloud and scale from a single prototype to deployments of thousands of locations with a single switch. It’s crucial to keep the initial cloud migration investment minimum, but maintain the ability to scale when needed. The fundamental idea of being able to start from zero and expand without limits is what makes the cloud an invaluable technology.

With the same philosophy, we launched a digital signage platform called XOGO where small and medium business can start building a digital signage infrastructure with zero costs and scale when needed. Helping companies, technical or business decision makers, and developers to understand the pure form of cloud and the real value behind it is a joy for me.