Daniel Tibor Fuchs

DIY / Innovation



My family is my main goal and my work, the tool to empowered them to achieve the future that we (the different communities that integrate humankind) are building together.

Responsible for Strategy and Innovation in Datora Telecom, always looking for the Company's next step, I'm an influencer when Technology is been discussed and I become part of the customer team when selling to him, allowing me to guarantee the best solution for his needs, focusing on the long term relationship.

I'm more a generalist on many IT and Telecom Technologies than a specialist, focus on the big picture and what pieces we need to succeed.

I am a " Thing" when I'm part of the IoT community.

I am a Microsoft Regional Directorwhen I'm part of the IT Community.

I'm a connector when I'm part of the Global Community, even if the moment is not to make money, building relationships..

I'm a small gear inside of this complex engine, called humankind.

I'm your partner if you want to go to the next step.