Colin Melia

Windows Applications / Mixed Reality / Intelligent Cloud



I'm a British author, software architect, CxO, trainer and mentor in Canada, leading the charge with a team of experts at Ace of Clouds, Inc., delivering productive solutions and training from the holographic client to the intelligent cloud.

Over 20+ years I've founded companies both sides of the Atlantic and reached out to corporate, open source and academic communities through business, events and mentorship.

If you have needs for development in these areas, I'd be happy to discuss how my team can bring value to you: Windows application development (UWP, WPF, .NET) for the best in consumer and enterprise application, AR/VR (HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality) for exhibits, training and industrial applications,
Mobile (Xamarin, iOS, Android) solutions with cloud backends, Web (ASP.NET, Angular, JavaScript, MVC, etc.) for day to day applications, Cloud (Azure, etc.) for the ultimate scalable back-end, Machine Learning & Bots for productive and scalable use of your data, DevOps for efficient application delivery, Office for tight integration into your business workflow, Business & Data Analytics for getting actionable insights, IoT for bringing all aspects of life into the future.

You can hear my authoritative and knowledgeable British accent on numerous training videos or in person when we talk about how my team can deliver great time to value for your enterprise or customers on Windows 10 (where I'm repeatedly recognised by Microsoft as an expert and community contributor), on mobile where my team has delivered applications for major business and entertainment brands, and in the cloud with business intelligence and optimized IoT information processing.