Ciprian Jichici

AI / Cloud computing / Quantum Computing



I am an IT professional with a business focus living in Timisoara, Romania. My primary executive position is CEO at Genisoft, one of the most innovative Microsoft partner companies in Romania. I am also vice- president of the board of directors at Timisoara International Airport. Previously, I acted as Chairman of the Urban Planning Committee at the City Council of Timisoara and as a member of the Directory Council of Timisoara Basketball Club.

The sixteen years I spent researching and teaching computer science at the West University of Timisoara laid the theoretical and practical foundation of my cloud computing technical focus. Today I spend most part of my professional time designing, architecting, and managing the development of cloud computing solutions on Microsoft Azure. An important part of this activity is helping top-level business decision makers realize the potential of cloud computing. The challenges, complexity, and awesomeness of the many technologies I have to deal with is what drives and motivates me to learn more every day.

Teaching and sharing is second nature to me, so you’ll find me often speaking at events and conferences, getting involved in IT communities, and educating people of all ages in computer science. From 10 year olds (like the ones I meet yearly at The Hour of Code) to seasoned professionals (like the ones I meet at Global Azure Bootcamp events or conferences around the world), I love to be in front of them to inspire or share knowledge. Still, in my heart I will always be a techie, and that’s why I devote some of my spare time to the study of data mining and quantum physics.

My technical expertise has been recognized during my career with awards like the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. For the past three years, I received the Microsoft Azure MVP award. The one recognition I am proudest of is being part of the Microsoft Regional Directors (RD) program for more than ten years now. Being an RD enables me to realize the full potential of my business and technical skills and engage constantly with communities, businesses, and Microsoft. On top of this, I get to be part of a global group that shares my passion for helping people use a wide range of technologies to make their lives or businesses better.

Talk to me about Cloud Computing, Azure, Big Data, Mobile Development, Software Development, IoT, DevOps, Microservices, Azure, SaaS, PaaS, Data Analytics, NoSQL, iOS, Android, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, or C#.


Almost 20 years after my first exposure to Machine Learning, I find myself in the middle of a fundamental transformation of the industry driven by this sophisticated technology. The explosive development of cloud computing is fueling the shift towards including ever more intelligence into modern IT platforms. In a few short years, machine learning delivered via cloud computing became a ubiquitous and affordable technology. The value unlocked for organizations is tremendous. Whether it’s about increasing sales by better understanding customers, saving money by predicting failures or incidents, or increasing the accuracy of medical diagnostics, my work related to machine learning helps people do work faster and smarter.

The speed of modern day changes is truly astounding. I firmly believe that we industry influencers have an important duty to share the knowledge we gain in complex and challenging projects. That’s why I always find time to talk to people about how and why our industry is changing. And I do this especially for the young following in our footsteps.

The most important thing I’ve learned in this journey is that my career would not be complete without both customer success and the sharing of knowledge. I am fortunate and proud to be among the ones that do both.