Benjamin Niaulin

Benjamin Niaulin

Design / Entrepreneurship



Benjamin Niaulin is a Product Manager at [Sharegate](http://en.share-, a product company providing SharePoint migration, reporting, and security management in Microsoft's Office 365.

He's been around the world keynoting some of the largest conferences covering the Tech move to the Cloud and Digital Transformation within organizations. Helping them in various industries, meet their goals and regulations while staying ahead of their competiton.

Awarded [Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP)]( us/PublicProfile/5000069?fullName=Benjamin%2520%2520Niaulin) since 2013 and part of the trusted Microsoft Regional Director Program, he is an avid student of technology.

There is always something new to learn.

These days, he's merging AI and Machine Learning with Productivity Tools, Collaboration at work and always building new Products.