Andrea Saltarello

Enterprise Architecture / Innovation / Cloud computing



I am an entrepreneur and consultant in the Software Architecture field from Milan, Italy, serving as the CTO of Managed Designs yet still being eager to write production code in order to get feedback about my architectural decisions.

I am the lead developer of MementoFX, an event sourcing framework aimed at making the development of "time travelling software" a breeze.

As a trainer and speaker, I had several speaking engagements for courses and conferences across Europe such as TechEd, Codemotion and DevWeek; I taught "Operating Systems" during the "Master in Editoria Multimediale" class organized by the University “Politecnico of Milan”.

In 2001 I co-founded UGIdotNET (, the first Italian .NET User Group, of which I am the President and leader.

My ultimate passion is music, being devoted to Depeche Mode with whom I fell in love with since listening to Everything Counts for the first time.

Talk to me about: Software Architecture, Domain Driven Design, CQRS, Event Sourcing, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Azure


As a long-time Domain Driven Design practitioner, I warmly welcomed the advent of Event Sourcing as a persistence strategy. What got me into the use of events as a fundamental information chunk is that you can replay them to rebuild any past system’s state, thus solving the problems of simulations and information versioning.

Back in the day, though, you couldn’t rely on already existing .NET SDKs to leverage event management and persistence. To address this problem my company, Managed Designs, and I implemented MementoFX, an ad-hoc application framework. Released on NuGet under an open source license in April 2016, the suite has been downloaded more than 6500 times up to January 2017.

Since then, we have been evolving MementoFX to make it the tool of choice for architects and developers building event-processing applications such as BI or IoT systems, whether they are on-premises or cloud-based. For how much services such as Event Hubs or Azure IoT, just to name a few, are impeccable event collectors, software applications do need to bind these events to business logic to produce consolidated results and that’s where MementoFX kicks in, making this onerous task a breeze.