Adis Jugo

Cloud Computing / Microsoft 365 / Digital Transformation



Trusted advisor, leader, entrepreneur and software/solution architect with 30 years experience in solution delivery. Specialized in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and SharePoint. Chief Strategy Officer at SysKit, company that you should first think of when you think about Office 365 Governance. Founder and spiritus movens of the European Collaboration Summit, the largest European modern workplace/Microsoft 365 conference, with over 2000 attendees. Veteran speaker at technology conferences – on the stage for 20 years now. Awarded as Microsoft MVP since 2012 in two categories: Office Apps and Services, and Office Development. Passionate about measuring and directing the impact of technology on social relationships and society as a whole. Firmly believes in leading people by example and through motivation. Lives besides the oldest vineyard in the Rhine valley. Prefers collecting stories to collecting possessions. Can make his wife and kids laugh anytime.