Adam Cogan




As Chief Architect at SSW, I build custom software solutions for clients such as Microsoft, Worley Parsons and Aurecon using the technologies of ASP.NET MVC, SharePoint or CRM, usually powered by Azure or SQL Server. I am a Certified Scrum Trainer with, training developers in Australia, the US, UK and Europe. I love contributing to and speaking at conferences such as Ignite and NDC in my role as a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. I also interview leading software guys building great solutions on the Microsoft stack at

From 2005-2010, I swam with the Bondi Icebergs every Sunday in Winter and was inducted as a Lifetime Iceberg.


I first got involved with Microsoft development in 1990 and I’ve been learning and teaching since then. Software development has changed massively since then, but one steady constant has always been learning. Learning with the community is incredibly rewarding – I guess that’s why I have been running a user group for 25 years!

Developer user groups have an altruistic foundation and bring people together to improve programming and software solutions by sharing hard-won knowledge and experience. However, once the user group is over, how do we find that information again? Knowing that information exists, and being able to access that knowledge are 2 very different things.

I’ve been running the Sydney .NET user group for more than 20 years, and the Canberra .NET user group for 10 years, and over this time we’ve had some really valuable sessions that I wished we could have saved. Therefore in 2012 I launched SSW TV , in part as a way to record and store our user group sessions to ensure that the sessions don’t evaporate once the presenter stops speaking. SSW TV now has more than 100 user group sessions online so that any developer, anywhere in the world, can easily and freely access the knowledge as if they had have been in Sydney on the night.

Most of the sessions on SSW TV are filmed in Australia, but analytics from the videos show that our primary audiences are in places like the USA and India. I love knowing that geography is no longer an obstacle to achieving the benefits that user groups provide – and I’m proud to have been a part of sharing that .NET, Web and Azure love with the world.