Praveen Srivatsa

Education / Entrepreneurship



Praveen Srivatsa started his career with CITIL (now Oracle Financials) in 1994 and has worked at ADITI Technologies and Orbit-e Consulting. He started Asthrasoft Consulting in 2004 which offers consulting around leveraging the latest technologies for a digital transformation solution. Asthrasoft has incubated StudiDesk - a social learning platform and is working on an analytics and machine learning service.

Praveen is a technology enthusiast and has worked with multiple technologies. Starting out with SQL 4.2 and Oracle 7, he has architect-ed solutions around a variety of data and analytics platforms. He specializes in Analytics, Machine learning and Cognitive interfaces around very large and streaming data sets. He presented a customer case study on moving a 100TB application from Oracle to SQL with real-time analytics at Microsoft TechED in Atlanta.

Praveen is also on the technology advisory board of a few software companies.

Talk to me about : Cloud, Bigdata, DevOps, Machine Learning, Analytics, Cognitive


My love affair with computers started with a ZX81 Sinclair when I was 12 and then moved into UNIX/DNIX, Windows and the Cloud. I now run Asthrasoft Consulting, a consulting company that helps clients bridge their business needs with technology solutions like cognitive computing, machine learning, IoT integration and PowerBI all around a cloud platform. We recognize that technology challenges are unique to each solution based on customer goals. To better guide them we are building an e-learning platform, StudiDesk, to create custom courses specific to customer needs from the repository of over 400 hours of original content that spans across technologies.

We transform businesses using the right technology. For instance, we transitioned one customer’s 100TB solution from Oracle to SQL while keeping their application on Python on Linux. This significantly lowered the cost of their platform. We moved another customer’s SAGE based VB6 solution to the Azure cloud with which they are now offering hosted solutions for hospitals in the Middle East. We leveraged StudiDesk to offer SQL with Python and SAGE workloads on Azure IaaS trainings for their teams which was specifically designed for them. In both cases, they could retain most of their existing skill sets and transform the solutions dramatically to meet their business goals.