Philippe Sentenac

Enterprise Mobility / Entrepreneurship



For a decade, i have been working side by side with entreprise customers, leading more than 200 digital projects about mobile, IoT and PAAS (mostly on Azure cloud).

Intrapreneur with an executive MBA in Management and Entrepreneurship, i'm passionate about entreprise mobility (on iOS, Android & Windows), innovative tech and startups.

I manage experts teams of 20+ consultants and software engineer. I'm in charge of delivery, agreements, risks management, and profitability with P&L accounts worth upwards of €2-3 million, with double-digit growth over 3 years

When i'm not working on projects with my team, i spend most of my time on the road, advising customers (from french startups to large international groups) on current tech trends and strategies.

If you want to meet, i'm a seasonal attendee/speaker in meetups in Paris, talking about cross-platform or native mobile application development. I'm also a proud member of, the French Tech Engineers Network.

Talk to me about: Cloud Computing, Mobile Development, Software Development, IoT, DevOps, Microservices, SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), Amazon Web Services, JavaScript, HTML5, AngularJS, JQuery, iOS Development, Android Development, Game Development, Arduino, Configuration management, Continuous delivery, Azure,.NET, Visual Studio, Software engineering, ASP.NET, C#


After a decade of working side-by-side with enterprise customers, leading more than 200 digital projects about mobile, IoT and PaaS, I’ve recently shifted my attention to assisting customers focused on digital transformation but struggling to achieve it.

Most of the time, they know what to do, their transformative vision is spot on, focused on digital customer engagement and secure platforms, but they often have no idea on how to implement it. They’re missing one crucial element: a core team.

The value proposition of a core team is straightforward: rather than coordinating with an army of consultants, my small team of senior analysts, UX, UI, Dev and Qa setup shop inside the customer’s company and handle multi- million projects from end-to-end.

My team builds the foundation that leads to our customers’ first win and paves the road to future success by creating agile guidelines, automated development models, and application lifecycle management with continuous integration and delivery.

Last year, we were deployed in a one of the major French banking institution who was having a hard time answering the business’s needs and keeping project delivery on time. One year and 6 successful business applications launch later, we’re proud to have one more satisfied customer with the bank’s CEO as one of our most active user.