Patrik Löwendahl

cloud / digital transformation



I've been passionate about technology for as long as I can remember. From the first hobbling steps writing software on a VIC-20 to enabling digital platforms and solutions in global organizations - this passion has followed me every step of the way.

My professional career I’ve lead through clients, through technology and through business leadership; A path that have given me the good fortune to share this passion many times with colleagues, clients and the wider industry community across the globe.

This have taken me into the forefront of the Microsoft community, who have recognized me as a Regional Director. Further developing my insights into the wide Microsoft eco-system of technology, partners and solutions.

As I look into the future I am excited over the promises technology gives to transform the business we conduct and the society around us. I am excited because with this promise comes the opportunity for me to further explore and expand my passion.

To benefit from that passion, talk to me about:

- Innovation and creative processes
- Digital and cloud transformations
- Smart machines (Bots, AI, Cognitive services)
- Employee Experiences (Automation and productivity)
- Internet of Things (Connected and Intelligent)