Patrick Guimonet

Microsoft Azure / Office 365



I am Enterprise Solution Architect, CTO, and CEO at Abalon currently living in Châteaufort, France. My main focus is Office 365 and SharePoint. I am also interested in Data Platform from Power BI to SQL Server and all Azure services. I am found of IT technology in general.

I created Abalon in 2011 to help customers deliver the best value from Office 365 and Microsoft collaborative platform.

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As an Office 365 enterprise solution architect, I constantly meet people, from end-users to IT admins, who either don’t know what the service offers and how it can help their business, or who largely underestimate the value and richness of this offering. I am often asked how to present, explain and give an accurate and easy-to-understand global vision of the Office 365 offering.

My answer was to define a set of representations of Office 365 sub-services. These sub-services define “the big picture” of Office 365 and present ways to embrace this huge service, such as by defining several users’ targets, comparing services inside Office365 to commonly used services on the Internet via similar functionalities or by defining the Maslow’s hierarchy of Office 365 services.

All these help a lot in conveying the big picture around Office 365 which is the first step toward great user adoption.