Chris Kinsman

Entrepreneurship / Innovation



I am the chief architect at PushSpring building the next generation of audience driven mobile advertising.

I have spent the last 20 years helping executive teams innovate and solve problems with technology.

I have experience on multiple platforms including both Azure and Amazon Web Services and have worked in multiple technology stacks including NodeJS, .NET/C#, Objective-C, and Java.

I have been a Microsoft Regional Director since 2003. Microsoft Regional Directors are not Microsoft employees. They are individuals who have been awarded an honorary title and special privileged relationship with Microsoft in recognition of Technical expertise and contributions to their developer community. Theyact as a trusted bridge helping Microsoft better understand the market and their customers' needs while assisting their customers in better leveraging Microsoft's technologies and services for their environments and solutions.

I have spoken at a variety of events over the years including TechEd, VSLive, VBITS, and others.

I currently run a .NET user group in Redmond, WA (

I have been organizing the Seattle CodeCamp ( for the last 15+ years getting together more than 600 developers to learn about a variety of topics.

Talk to me about: Cloud Computing, DevOps, Microservices, SaaS, or NodeJS,


The cloud has enabled startups to move faster and change their strategies around capital utilization. The growing number of *-aaS platforms means startups can focus on building their product instead of managing and running infrastructure. If a capability doesn’t provide a unique value proposition for your startup, I recommend buying instead of building. Startups must embrace the elasticity of the cloud to use it in the most cost effective manner possible. Infrastructure can no longer be static – it must continuously change to meet the needs of the current workload.

A common challenge for startups is finding market fit before they run out of money. I help them leverage the cloud in cost-effective ways that extend their runway while decreasing their time-to-market. With a broad knowledge of multiple cloud platforms, Linux, Windows, microservices, containerization and DevOps I help startups solve their most difficult challenges by building services that ingest 100’s of millions of data points a day and combine them with other datasets This allows customers to query and visualize more than 3 billion rows of data without any data science expertise. In today’s startup industry, typical turnaround on data ingestion and custom segment creation is 1-2 weeks - our customer’s was shortened to less than a day. This provided a huge differentiator that was brought to market in a matter of months.