Brian Noyes

Cloud Computing / Artificial Intelligence / Client Application Development



Hi, I'm Brian Noyes, CTO and Co-founder of Solliance Inc., a software architect, consultant, author, and speaker specializing in multi-platform web, mobile, and desktop client applications and cloud-based services to back them. In my consulting role at Solliance, I get to work with many companies every year to help them build amazing software products and systems, often advising at the CxO level, and guiding senior technical team members on software architecture and technologies.

I am vice-president of the Captial Area .NET Users Group, and speak at dozens of major software conferences, Code Camps, and User Groups every year on a wide range of software technologies.

As an author I have 11 courses in the Pluralsight Library, have authored several books and many dozens of magazine and technical publication articles and whitepapers.

In my first career, I flew F-14 Tomcats in the U.S. Navy, attended TopGun (U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School), and U.S. Naval Test Pilot School, and retired from the U.S. Naval Reserve as a Commander (0-5). I was and will always be proud to have served my country, but I'm a techie guy by nature, so followed my passion for software into my current career.

Talk to me about: Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure; Single Page Applications with Angular, Aurelia, & Durandal; Desktop and Windows 10 Client Apps with WPF or UWP; Multi-Platform Mobile Apps with Cordova and Xamarin; SOA with ASP.NET, Node, or WCF.


Through consulting with many business customers in recent years, I've recognized a pattern of thinking about building client applications that often results in wasted effort and cost. Many businesses tend to approach the need to build new or replacement client applications by sticking with what they know - which often means building client applications as Windows Desktop applications, even when a web or mobile solution might better meet their business needs. Or if a desktop application is the best solution, many fail to consider also building companion web or mobile apps with shared functionality.

To address this problem, I have developed a methodical approach for extracting the real business, platform, and technology requirements and constraints. By interviewing the leadership and stakeholders that help customers decide on the best technology for building new or replacement client applications and the back-ends that support them, we can find a solution that meets their business and financial needs.

In collaboration with my business partners, RD and MVP resources in the Solliance Partner Network, as well as contacts on the Microsoft Product Teams, we enable the customer to define the optimal client application architecture, resulting in client apps with great user experience, performance, and longevity.